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[Int.l Students] FAQs for International Students

1. How can I get the Apostille certified documents and where do I have to submit them?

A) Bring your high school diploma and academic tran to the Korean embassy/consulate nearest you and have your documents stamped and certified. After doing so, you can forward them to KAU Admission Team.



2. How can I have may school registered name changed?


A) Once you are officially admitted into school, you can have it changed. Bring your passport and alien registration card to KAU Academic Affairs Team at the KAU Main Building and request for a change of name.



3. How can I apply for a student Identification(ID) Card?


A) You can visit KAU International Affairs Team(Room No. 203) at the Aerospace Center.

    Tel. No) +82-02-300-0356~8



4. How can I apply for the dormitory?


A) You have to fill out the check-box for the dormitory at the on-line admission form, when applying. The Fees per semester are as below;


Fee (KRW)

2-person room


4-person room


(1,057,000 if only 2 persons assigned due to COVID-19)


For further information, contact at +82-2-300-0433, 0435, 0436



5. How can I apply for scholarship?


A) Scholarships can be obtained in two ways. First, an excellent student among the freshmen is ed and given a scholarship. Secondly, scholarships are given to students after they completed one semester but scholarships are entirely dependent on the students grades.


    Scholarship Programs are as belows;

      - For students with outstanding English proficiency (TOEFL (IBT) score of 90 or higher; IELTS score of 6.5 or higher)

      - For students with outstanding Korean proficiency (TOPIK level 4 or higher)

      - For Korean Language Education Center students at KAU

      - Academic merit scholarship(after completing one semester)

      - Other scholarships offered by the Student Supporting Team.



6. What should I do if I get hurt or sick at school?


A) You can visit KAU Medical Service Center located at Student Hall.

    Tel. No.) +82-2-300-0024



7. Where are the certificate of enrollment and academic tran issued?


A) Important documents such as certificate of enrolment, academic tran, diploma and others are automatically issued anytime by the issuing machines located at the 1st floor of the Student Hall of the university. Also, it is possible for you to download such documents by accessing the university web site, https://hangkong.certpia.com



8. How can I join student clubs?


A) Student club memberships are open to new students every semester, in March and September. You can directly apply for membership at any club during the time when senior students conduct their information dissemination about their respective clubs near the Student hall.



9. How can I get counselling service pertaining to campus life?


A) The school offers various counseling services depending on your needs. However, for academic matters, firstly you are advised to consult with a professor who belongs to your department or school, regarding your problems or inquiries.

Counseling Service

Contact Point

Registration application and university counseling

Advisers at every school(department) office or International Affairs Team

Tel no.) +82-02-300-0356~8

Counselling related to field of study

The adviser of your school(department)

General counselling

Office of International Affairs

Tel no.) +82-02-300-0356~8



10. I am a foreign student who is accepted at Korean Aerospace University. How can I apply for my student visa?


A) The issuance of visa varies according to both nationality and residence. If you reside in Korea and are from countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mongolia, and others, contact KAU admission officer and request for a Certificate of Admission(COA) letter. Bring this document to the Immigration office and you can have your current visa changed to a student visa. If you have these nationalities and live overseas, request for a COA letter from KAU admission officer. Once you receive this document, go directly to the Korean embassy/consulate nearest you and apply for a student visa.



11. How can I apply for Alien Registration Card?


A) Check the area of your residence first as there are different immigration offices stationed at some ed districts. Bring the following credentials to the immigration office nearest you. 


    [Required Documents]   

       - Passport

       - Proof of enrollment and university acceptance letter

       - One piece of colored picture(3 X 4)

       - A fee of 20,000 KRW(changeable up to yearly fee policy)

       Please bear in mind that a fingerprint registration is conducted



12. I am currently enrolled at the university but my visa is going to expire soon. How can I have my visa extended?


A) You must go to the Immigration office prior to the expiration of your sojourn period and bring the following.


    [Required Documents]
       - Passport
       - Alien Registration card
       - Application form
       - Certificate of enrollment
       - Academic Tran
       - Certificate of payment of tuition
       - Certificate of scholarship
       - A fee of 60,000KRW(changeable up to yearly fee policy)



13. I have a new passport because my old passport is expired already. Do I have to got the immigration office and report it?


A) Yes, you must go the Immigration office and report the change of your passport.   


    [Required Documents]
       - Passport (New and old)
       - Alien Registration card
       - Application form



14. I moved into a new place and so my address has changed. Do I have to go to the immigration office and report it? 


A) Yes, you must go to the Immigration office and report the change of your passport.  


    [Required Documents]
       - Passport (New and old)
       - Alien Registration card
       - Application form 



15. I plan to go home during vacation. Do I have to apply for a re-entry permit?


A) If you have a D2 visa, you are exempted from getting a re-entry permit. D2 visa holders are exempted from getting a re-entry permit for one year. So, there will be no problem on coming back to Korea again.



16. How can I apply for part time job?


A) Before you work, you must report your part time employment to the Immigration office. The following is the prescribed number of hours for work.


   - Undergraduate student: maximum of 20 hours per week

   - Graduate student: maximum of 30 hours per week

   There is no limit as to the number of hours during vacation.


    [Required Documents]

       - Passport

       - Alien Registration card

       - Application form

       - Letter of recommendation for part time employment

       No need to pay for any fees



17. I plan to take time off from school. What should I do if I plan on returning to school after that?


A) If you file for a leave of absence from school, then you must leave the country within 30 days from the first day when your application is approved. However, those who are confined to the hospital are exempted from this. As for returning back to school, you have to send the required documents relating to the issuance of your visa to the admissions officer in at least one month before classes start. Once the university acceptance letter is received from the admissions officer, you can go to the Korean embassy/consulate nearest you to apply for a visa.



18. What is the requirements for graduation?


A) You have to fulfill the following requirements;


   - Earn 130 or more credit hours

   - GPA of 2.00 or higher out of 4.50.

   - Proficiency of language skills

     Korean Track) TOPIK Level 4 or higher

     English Track) TOEFL(IBT) score of 78 or higher; IELTS score of 6 or higher

   - Fulfill other graduation requirements set by undergraduate regulations






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